A true Hollywood story



written by Arthur Johnson & Philippe Rahmy-Wolff

Registered with the Writers Guild of America

“The life of society moves in a circle. Only those burdened with a common affliction understand each other.”

Franz Kafka, 1883 – 1924


A TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY follows a cast of characters through one day of Hollywood hustle in pursuit of the last script of a famous film writer who finds himself in Cedars-Sinai after totalling his car in rush hour morning traffic.

The CEO of Universal Studios orders the writer’s pool boy to deliver the only existing copy as fast as possible: “Time is money.” Thus begins an ironic yet tender comedy, as the screenplay is stolen and passes from hand to hand.

The neurotic board of directors sitting atop the Black Tower at Universal Studios, along with an insightful Mexican gardener, a failed college professor of drama, a spoiled middle-class housewife, a European actress searching for a new career, two film loving cops, a drug dealing circus clown and a gritty independent female filmmaker contribute to the chain of events that portrays a typical day in L.A. with the unknown around every corner.

The truth lies in words, whether written or spoken. People may discover themselves in others as everyday reality changes. A TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY exposes our shared mutual affliction: the common ability to interact but fail to communicate.


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